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    The majority of the initiatives supported by Unite for Nepal are based in the Dudhakunda District of the Lower Solukhumbu, Eastern Nepal

  • School Health Programmes

    Oral and hand hygiene were two areas identified by local health care professionals as educational areas of need. Sree Sekarsing Lower Secondary School in Najing Village, and Sree Janata Primary School in Simkharka Village receive monthly supplies of toothpaste, toothbrushes and hand soap to encourage good oral and hand hygiene practises. The local health care workers regularly visit the schools providing education workshops for the children and parents

  • School Lunch Programme

    Children are required to attend school 6 days a week in Nepal, but unfortunately the statistics on attendance aren’t always favourable as family life demands they are sometimes kept at home to help. Since providing a daily nutritious meal for the children of Sree Janata Primary School in Simkharka Village, school attendance has increased by over 25%

  • Literacy Programmes

    It is difficult to get definitive measurements of female literacy rates in Nepal, especially from remote rural locations. Suffice to say illiteracy is prevalent, and with more men leaving Nepal for remittance work, an inability to read and write is an increasing problem for the women left behind. Unite for Nepal currently runs women’s literacy groups aimed particularly at those over the age of 30, providing teachers and teaching resources

  • Vocational Training for Women

    Often in Nepal the worth of a woman is measured by her ability to contribute financially and/or economically to the extended family. Teaching women vocational skills creates employment, generates income, contributes to the local economy and promotes independence and a sense of self-worth. International statistics also show that an educated girl/woman is far less likely to become a victim of trafficking. Unite for Nepal currently supports tailoring skills programmes by covering the salary of a local teacher and providing sewing machines, cloth and other basic resources. We are currently working to diversify into other areas of development

  • Najing Ghau Ghar Clinic

    Our first ever project, Najing Ghau Ghar clinic is a small outreach health post in Najing Village providing basic health care that would otherwise be a 3-7 hour walk away for the locals. Unite for Nepal provides the annual salary for the female healthcare worker, and pharmaceutical supplies on demand

  • Free Health Clinic

    Currently held on an annual basis with the aim of running bi-annually, this two-day clinic provides basic health assessment and care for hundreds of individuals who do not have the time or the money needed to visit the government district hospital

  • Computer Education

    Most children attending remote rural schools never get the opportunity to learn basic computer skills. This immediately puts them at a disadvantage should they leave their villages in search of work or further education. To address the disparity between these schools and those in larger towns/cities, and to help create access to more opportunity, Unite for Nepal has provided several computers for Sree Sekarsing Lower Secondary School as well as covered the cost of teacher training and teacher salaries. In the future we hope to also run evening classes in basic computer skills for others in the community

  • Sree Janata Primary School, Simkharka Village

    Our adopted school, and a community very close to our hearts, Janata is a small remote school with very limited resource. Building a suitably safe playground for the children on the side of a steep hill was our first major project in Nepal, and one the entire community got behind to support. We now run several programmes here, and want to build on these to support the local community even more in a positive, ethically based, developmental and sustainable way.


    After extensive damage to the schools classrooms from the 2015 earthquakes, as well as losing part of the roof during a storm in early 2017, we are working towards supporting the school in its rebuilding project. We are currently raising funds to finish the roofing on the new classrooms, and once this is completed our aim is to build two gender specific toilets with running water – neither of which are currently available


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